Thursday, December 15, 2011

Intaglio Prints, 2010

 I took a Printmaking for Painters course last year at OCAD U, and I fell in love with each of the processes I was lucky enough to try. Displayed are a couple of Intaglio prints I created. There are many more, but they made for perfect gifts last Christmas :P I have a few others laying around, let me know if interested in them.

 One thing I really love about printmaking, is how intense, and intimate the processes are. Some more physical than others, but either way, printmaking is way of making art that involves the whole body, especially Lithography. Have you ever tried to grain a stone?

These prints in particular were created on a zinc plate which is displayed below. This image for me represents a new realm, or dimension in which two androgynous figures are looking down at something that appears to be bursting. I can't really tell you what it is to be exact but it is definitely an exploration of the unconscious mind. 

Stay tuned for some silk screen and litho prints.  :)

Peace and Love.

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