Sunday, February 5, 2012

Swallow me hole.

I'm currently taking a course called Painting in the Expanded Field, and it's all about creating installations, and site-specific works using unconventional ways of painting. Within the first week of classes we had an assignment due, and I decided to do an extension of "Embracing the Moment." So, what I did was try to control the experiment too much, so much so that it turned out completely different than I had expected. It ended up appearing chaotic, and overwhelming, completely different from the previous installation. 

This piece is a projection of what appears to be black holes being sucked into the unknown and it is accompanied with a sound that is a suggestion of suction. This piece is reminiscent of the happenings within the universe, which pushed me to utilize the classroom ceiling as a viewing space. Rather than looking at what appears to be the everyday ceiling within the classroom, my viewers are forced to look up and be engulfed by the unknown, abstract, dark circles.

Recommended to watch video with volume on and in full screen. 

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